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Glucose Tracker - Simple and Complete App to track Diabetes Mellitus

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Track your blood glucose and live healthy.

The worldwide prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus has risen dramatically over the past two decades. Although the prevalence of both type 1 and type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is increasing worldwide, the incidence and prevalence of type 2 DM is increasing much more rapidly because of increasing obesity, reduced activity levels as countries become more industrialized and the aging of the population. Approximately 1.6 million individuals over the age of 20 were newly diagnosed with diabetes in 2010. “Aging is one of the risk factors for DM. Thus I strongly recommend every adult to check glucose levels at regular intervals! - Says Sandeep Samethadka Nayak MD, advisor of medical application at iHealthVentures.

•Helps you to know if you are diabetic or not.
•Provides space for you to monitor plasma glucose level (both fasting and post-prandial) using chart and also with attractive and user friendly graphical representation. 
•The daily, weekly, monthly and yearly graphs help you in long term plasma glucose monitoring. 
•Dais to set a target level of plasma glucose to be reached as advised by your doctor and monitors your plasma glucose effectively- thus maintain good health and prevent complications.
•Generates and sends well formatted reports via e-mail. This helps your doctor to directly observe and plan the treatment strategy.
•Contains brief description about Diabetes Mellitus by which you can get educated.

And more coming soon...